Vad vore julen utan att försöka bryta pepparkakan i tre delar? Den fantastiska traditionen har nu blivit digital. IUS innovation har tagit fram GingerWish. En app där du får oändligt många chanser till att dela pepparkakan i tre bitar och därmed önska dig något alldeles speciellt. GingerWish finns nu i AppStore och i Google Play. Sök bara på GingerWish.

En liten julklapp från oss alla på IUS till er alla!

/ GingerWish, a complete Swedish christmas tradition in one app! Thanks to IUS innovation you can now celebrate Christmas like a true Swede!

What is Swedish Christmas for you? Its not the gifts nor the food or the christmas carols we sing. Its about the smashing and crashing those lovely gingerbreads into pieces! Break them in three and you get to make a wish! 

(IUS innovation let´s you wish whatever you want but is not responsible for granting any wishes.)

What are you going to wish for? 

Breaking the gingerbread is an old tradition that goes back as far as the medieval times. Storys are told that if you break the gingerbread in three pieces you get to make a wish. But be careful! If you tell anyone what you wished for it will not be granted. /